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Psoriasis prone skin | Clinically tested

Roll up your sleeves for a new day

Managing psoriasis doesn’t often leave you a lot of room to express yourself as confidently as you would like to. The Dead Sea is renowned for its therapeutic impact on psoriatic skin and is a destination for people from all over the world who suffers from this disorder.

Clineral’s PSO range was developed as a “all-stage” companion of pleasant formulation, rich in Dead Sea mineral extracts, that fortify the skin throughout every phase in the disorder:

  • Ideal for reducing symptoms during mild to moderate flare ups

  • Maintain resilient, symptoms-resistant skin during remission

  • Can be used as a complementary treatment in conjunction with medications




PSO Body Cream 200 ml

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PSO Joint Skin Cream 75 ml

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PSO Scalp Shampoo Scalp Care – Step 1 250 ml

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PSO Cream Scalp Mask Scalp Care – Step 2   200ml

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