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Start off on the right foot | Clinically tested

Diabetic foot conditions are especially sensitive and require an exacting routine to keep the skin whole and infection-free. Make sure to provide them with proper pre-emptive care. Clineral’s pleasant and smoothly absorbed scrub and foot cream contain Dead Sea minerals that have been clinically proven to significantly reduce dryness, and prevent the roughness and cracking that lead to deterioration – enabling a smoother journey ahead…

D-MEDIC Product Range:

  • Clinically tested on diabetic-prone skin

  • Ideal for preventing the symptoms that can lead to ulcerated sores, infections and their relate complications

  • Can be used as a complementary remedy in conjunction with diabetic medications







Dead Sea mineral-based foot cream that softens, heals, soothes and protects extremely rough, and dry skin feet. Reduces scaling redness and irritations, helps to overcome cracks in feet, which can become infected and cause complications for Diabetic patients
• show size of the affected area decreased by 35% • Scales decreased by 55% • Skin roughness improved by 54%



Dead Sea mineral-based gel foot scrub, assists in peeling dry and rough skin layers and restoring soft and relaxed feet. Helps to overcome deep cracks in feet, which can become infected and cause complications for Diabetic patients.
• show cracks decreased by 22% • Skin hydration increased by 24% • Skin redness was reduced by 16%