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Naturally precious | Clinically tested

When it comes to atopic dermatitis, watching your child experience the subtle wonders of nature gives way too often to worrying about how to manage discomfort. Clineral’s effective formula, rich in Dead Sea mineral extracts, offers gentle and loving care for your little one, effectively relieving the uncomfortable and unsightly irritations of the disorder – so that you can focus on what’s really important…

TOPIC Product Range:

  • Clinically tested on atopic dermatitis-prone skin

  • Ideal for reducing symptoms during light and medium flare ups

  • Maintains resilient, symptom resistant skin during remissions

  • Can be used as a complementary remedy in conjunction with atopic dermatitis medications





Topic Body Cream

Helps in reducing itchiness, irritation, redness & dryness. Suitable for newborns and up Clinical results  show a 26% reduction in skin redness.


TOPIC Body Cleansing Foam

Dead Sea Dunaliella-based soft cleansing foam, suitable for newborns and up. Effectively cleans the skin while reducing redness & dryness and relieving itchiness. Calms the skin and supports skin barrier function. A soft foam texture fabulous for delicate skin, gently scented with aromatic oils • 31% reduction in itchiness  • 35% reduction in skin crusts.


TOPIC Shower & Bath Oil

Dead Sea Dunaliella-based soft cleansing body oil. Relieves itchiness and calms irritated skin. Gently cleans the skin Improves skin moisture level and supports skin barrier function. Suitable for newborns and up.